Make Aspiration to Do Great Things

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Grow by assuming responsibilities, serving the public, doing practical work, and learning from your mistakes.

Q: Master, I do not know how to live through the days. People around keep urging me to get married, but I just cannot make it; on the other hand, I cannot give up all secular attachments. Right now I feel very tired after having worked for over 11 hours, yet I cannot imagine my life without work. Master, I am lost, failing to find my direction of life.

A: Make aspiration to do great things both in secular life and in your spiritual pursuit. They are not necessarily things you are capable of achieving right now but they serve as a beacon for you to move ahead.

Q: Greetings Master! I am often affected by other’s bitter remarks and fly into a rage. Can you tell me some methods to avoid being inflamed? I’d appreciate your reply.

A: Every movement in martial arts is propelled by inner force. A most plain movement done by a person of tremendous inner force bursts off spectacular power; a most formidable-looking movement by a weak person yields no result. It is the same with Buddhist practice. To tame our mind in various circumstances, we need to cultivate our inner force of faith, insight on non-self, compassion, loving-kindness, and a vast mind, by listening to and contemplating on Dharma and subduing afflictions. It takes years’ practice. All so-called quick fixes or miraculous methods are superficial and temporary. 

Q: Greetings Master! In the Buddhist point of view, we can eliminate our karmic obstructions by tolerating unpleasant situations. How do young people in this modern time understand karmic obstructions? Thank you!

A: Karmic obstructions come into beings when sentient beings commit non-virtuous karmas. Sometimes we experience frustration, get harmed, or fail to do good, because of karmic obstructions. The obstructions are removed only when we focus on our own karmas and vow to do good karmas, rather than resisting external circumstances and blaming others. 

Q: Master, how do I achieve spiritual growth?

A: Here are two tips. One is through learning. You never know how if you do not learn. Try to detach from your stereotyped way of thinking and living, and from world you are accustomed to; expose yourself to new styles of life, observe them and think. For example, you can read a Buddhist sutra, pay a visit to a monastery, rise earlier than usual and do some outdoor exercises, join a program for public welfare, help others unconditionally. All such experiences can enrich your mind.

The other is through practice. Grow by assuming responsibilities, serving the public, doing practical work, and learning from your mistakes.

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