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Protecting oneself does not necessarily equal hurting others.We need to protect ourselves while not resenting or revenging against others.

Q: Greetings Master! It seems to me that romance, more often than not, brings along anguish, anxiety and fear of loss. Then why are most people still strongly craving for it? What is the Buddhist viewpoint of romantic relationships? Is there any method to transform those bad feelings to enlightenment?

A: Love that anguish people is indeed a desire to possess, greater love is about sacrificing and devoting, and the greatest love embraces all sentient beings. For most people, they either have their own well being rely on the counterpart or see the counterpart as a part of themselves; so they still have to learn to be independent in relationships, to respect the integrity of each other and to treasure the relationship without any attachment. In the Buddhist viewpoint, romantic love in this life unfolds the karmic force in the past lives; either affection or enmity in the past may take the form of love in this life. Strong attachment to someone in this life indicates that you were heavily indebted to him or her in previous lives. Therefore, don't take your feelings far too seriously; instead, you should learn from relationships to forgive others, give less thought to yourself and reflect upon your own faults. In a word, we should learn from every and each circumstances.

Q: Greetings Master! I want to be a carefree person and meanwhile to undertake great responsibilities. It seems to me that the two aims are contradictory to each other. It is a lot of efforts and devotion of parents that makes a child’s carefree state of mind possible. Is my understanding correct? Thank you, Master!

A: Be a Bodhisattva, who shoulders the burden of eliminating sufferings of all sentient beings, and who is merrier than a child.

Q: Master, how come a mind falls into delusions, the same delusions in particular? Sometimes I feel enlightened, and sometimes bewildered. What should I do?

A: It is not enlightenment in a real sense. That afflictions do not arise for the moment does not mean they are eradicated. Just think about the weeds under a stone. They do not shoot up for the moment, yet, the seeds are still there. So please continue the practice.

Q: Greetings Master! I am an eyesore for my colleagues because I work very hard while they are idle. They used to find faults in me so much so that once I had to quit the job. After a while, my boss invited me back when he learned the fact. To my dismay, my colleagues treat me worse than before. I’ve tried to be sincere to them but in vain, for my existence in the office makes their laziness obvious and thus offends their interest. I did not fight back because I have vowed that I will not hurt sentient beings. But I feeI very bad and do not know what to do.

A: Protecting yourself does not necessarily equal hurting others. Try to see them as kids in terms of mental age, who know nothing about afflictions and the law of karmic effect. Do not set yourself opposed to them, and let alone have vicious thoughts. But, you can assume a stern and dignified look in front of them, and stick to right things with full confidence and sense of righteousness.The enemy you need to combat is not your colleagues, but your own afflictions. We need to protect ourselves while not resenting or revenging against others.

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