A Natural State of Mind Takes Impermanence for Granted

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A natural state of mind takes impermanence for granted.

Q: Master, how can I improve my concentration?

A: Concentration refers to an ability to have our mind stay focused on something. Concentration in Buddhism is an ability to stay focused on Dharma; it requires long-time training, which is to concentration what a lot of exercise is to a strong body. To cultivate concentration, should abide by precepts and begin with ridding some bad habits, such as phubbing anytime and anywhere, eating and resting irregularly, etc. 

Q: Master. I’ve been keeping vegetarian diet for over 3 years and I even abstain from alcohol and cigarette. Right now I’m doing business of my own, which involves a lot of dinner parties. It is fine for me to take vegetables when I’m dining with business partners; yet taking no alcohol makes me look eccentric and boring. I feel very uncomfortable and lost on such occasions. Master, please instruct me. Your words will rest my mind at peace.

A: A person who upholds his faith is more likely to win others’ respect and trust, so long as he does not think of himself morally superior to others. On the one hand, please be strict with yourself and lenient with others; do not disparage others when they take meat or alcohol. On the other hand, truly accept yourself and do not think of yourself as eccentric.

Q: Most humble greetings Master! I would say thank to people who have helped me, bear their kindness in mind and seek chances to repay. I really want to eulogize or compliment them, but I just find it difficult to speak out. Master, what’s wrong with me? How do I improve myself?

A: The problem lies in your arrogance. Just force or train yourself to speak kindly, then you’ll have this habit removed bit by bit.

Q: Master, what is a natural state of mind?

A:  A natural state of mind takes impermanence for granted.

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