Modern Value of Traditional Chinese Culture_Ven. Master Xuecheng’s keynote speech at the Revival of Chinese Culture Forum
2016-04-21 18:00:20

TheRevival of Chinese Culture Forum opened at Peking University on Nov. 12, 2015, which was sponsored by Peking University, and organized by Peking University Research Institute of Taiwan andtheMinistry of Culture-Peking University Cross-strait Culture Research Base.Experts and scholars fromTaiwan and the mainland were invited here to discusshow toinherit and develop Chinese culture and to create a high-level platform for cultural exchange. AsPresident ofthe Buddhist Association of China,Ven.Master Xuecheng was invited to the opening ceremonywith a keynote speech.

Ven. Master Xuechengexpounded his views through the speech Modern Value of Traditional Chinese Culturefrom four aspects:

I. Reflectionon humandestiny andculture triggered by globalization;

II. All under heaven are equal and in one: general value proposition of Chineseculture;

III.What one obtains is what one seeks; nophenomena arise from outside the mind the nature ofmindin Chinese culture;

IV. The way never departs from the populace, and themission of the way is constant renewal the practical and contemporary natureof Chinese culture.

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