Chanting sutras can bring you sanity and wisdom

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"We cannot concentrate our attention and do things wholeheartedly because our minds are weak. Without concentration, surely wisdom isn't there, but Sutra-chanting can cultivate our mindfulness and concentration."

"If we can focus our minds and delve into the sutras making each word come from our hearts with clear meanings. That's the right beginning."

"When we hear sounds, if we can detect the silence between the previous and the later one, we've found the original nature of our mind, a crystal clear state."

"It is ideal if we can hear each word and sentence of the sutra clearly when we chant it and can hear the voices of the people beside us and the rustling wind outside the Buddha Hall. We can hear the sounds of nature and even that of a flying bird."

"When our mind is mindful and open, we will be blessed with serenity and vastness."

                                                                                                                  - Ven. Master Xuecheng

Day for Chanting Buddhist Sutras(Multilingual) is open to the public on Sunday mornings, providing a regular platform for foreign language speaking believers to chant Mahayana sutras in various languages.  We hope that all participants can immerse thiselves in the sea of compassion and wisdom of the Buddha. When he was alive, the Buddha encouraged the dissiination of the Dharma in different languages. The history of the dissiination is virtually a history of the translation of Buddhist literature. We hope that the event will be a wonderful experience for you.

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