My understanding of "Cultivating Personnel" stated by Ven. Master Xuecheng

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This is a class summary made by author to illustrat her understanding about ‘Cultivating Personnel’stated by Ven. Master Xuecheng from the aspects of rejoice and dedication, benefits of undertaking, and the importance of harmony in community.

There are three points what I would like to share in the following essay. The first one is what I have acquired from rejoice and dedication after I understood the true meaning of them. Then I would like to demonstrate the benefits what I have get from undertaking and listening to the classes taught by masters. Finally, the importance of getting along with a harmony community will also be illustrated by my personal exemplary.

It is a way of practicing Buddha’s teachings to acquire actual rejoice and dedication with sincerity. First of all, the ability of rejoicing others’ achievements and good deeds requires modesty attitude and real kindness. Otherwise, they are just kinds of expression, because others’ achievements sometimes would cause our jealousies and even ignorance. This owes much to our improper comparison with others. On the contrary, we will attain more advanced experiences and knowledge to perfect ourselves, especially priceless knowledge, if we can make others feel our sincere praise and rejoice. Knowledge consists of two elements, namely implicit and explicit. We will fail to approach to the implicit knowledge unless we are able to make others feel our appetite for further knowledge with real modesty. Besides that, I realize that I can concentrate all my focus on the knowledge itself rather than on the person, which endow me with peaceful mind and more important information.

Just based on such self-reflection, I recognize the sufferings resulting from ignorance and jealousies sufficiently and thoroughly. Consequently, I can make dedication automatically to pray surrounding people not to encounter similar sufferings. Contributing to such ideas, I could not help taking appropriate activities. Therefore, the karma has been starting to be turned into positive side gradually. Correspondingly, my willing, devoting into study and practice of Buddha’s teachings, is keeping to be strengthened.

As a result, I am more longing for absorbing more Buddha’s teachings through reading and listening to venerable masters’ lessons. When I restart to listen to Ven. Master Richang’ lessons, I has been no longer to feel boring and obscurity due to his accent and dialects. The doctrines of The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment were demonstrated clearly and sufficiently with specific references and vivid examples. In fact, I can quote his words directly into leading morning English study of Understanding Life on YY channel. It not only improved the quality of my leading, but other practitioners also enjoyed these contents. These encourage me to keep study every day and inspire my delight to undertake the duties of morning English study continuously.

Furthermore, I have been get along with this community better and better through undertaking more duties actively with rejoice and peaceful mind as well as modesty attitude. Dharma brothers, therefore, would like to give me a hand to conquer difficulties and pass energy to me through sharing their own experiences, when I encountered mundane troubles. For example, one 70 years old lady has been insisting on cooking porridge on every weekend and bringing porridge for passerby in weekdays for three years since she got a free cup of porridge from one of our dharma brothers on the opening day of Tianjin Xinzhan. She looks after her baby grandsons who are twins from 8:00am-20:00pm every day. Apart from that, she has been undertaking the Sunday’s cooking duty lonely for some days without any complain. This lady has neither study Buddha’s teachings nor has been one of our dharma community. She just is a volunteer. She said she preferred to work with this community and feel what the real Buddhists are.

I do believe such powerful promotion and favor energy from this community cannot be replaced by any other sources. Taking into above accounts, the mutual inspiration in these elements is in capable of accumulating and accelerating more benefits and favor energy without any doubt.

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