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Engineering Department, established in 2008, is mainly responsible for the construction of the Monastery. The Engineering Department advances with the development of Longquan Monastery. The hardware facilities are the basic condition for the expansion of Buddhism and Sangha. With the improvement on engineer construction, the Monastery’s undertakings also have made progress. As it’s necessary to upgrade and increase hardware equipment in the future, the Engineering Department will assume more responsibilities, which will become its value and the driving force for its future development.

Engineering Department, established in 2008, is mainly responsible for the construction of the Monastery. Prior to that, this task was shouldered only by a few masters. Later on, with the expansion of the Monastery, more and more people participated in this effort. Then in 2008 when the Jianxing Hall was under construction, the Engineering Department was established. Under the guidance of Ven. Master Xuecheng, responsible masters of the department lead other masters and lay people in engineering and construction, including project design, materials procurement, construction, warehouse management, property management, etc.

No matter before or after its establishment, the Department has been constantly expanding space for the Monstratey, including accommodation for the lay people and venues for culture, charity and education programs. Since the Sangha moved into the Longquan Monastery in 2004, the department has overcome one difficulty after another, solved numerous technical problems and assumes more and more complex engineer construction with the enhancd capability, with Dechen Building built in 2005, Lay people building in 2007, Jianxing Hall in 2008, East Building in 2009, North Building in 2010, Teaching Building in 2011, New North Building in 2012, and the environment project starting from 2003 till now. The expansion and improvement of Longquan Monastery’s hardware provides a strong guarantee for the development of Sangha, practice of lay people and promotion of Buddhism. 

The buildings of Longquan Monastery are the product of painstaking efforts and intelligence from monks and lay people. Viewed from afar, the main building was built in compliance with the natural landscape of the mountain, adding spectacular scenery to the Phoenix Ridge. The newly built projects adopt the modern architecture structure, while reserving traditional Chinese temple style with ashlar bench-table, grey-green brick and tile, overhanging eaves, which are solemn and sacred. The internal decorative design follows Buddhist tradition, and is equipped with modernized lightings, stereo, projector and Internet, etc, representing the feature of modern Buddhism, to carry forward tradition, advance with the times.

In addition to temple construction, the department has cultivated a large number of left-home people as all of them are required to tasks here to foster wisdom and ability to bear hardships before entering the Sangha so that they will gradually become backbone of Sangha. Except for left-home people, lay people, volunteers, as well as tourists are all rejoiced to participate in the engineer construction. It is a unique landscape that those left-home people, lay people and all beings work in construction site together, which gathers so much good Karma and good cause. Many people as a result have got attached to Triratna and embarked on the path of Buddhism practice. 

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