Canadian sinologist visited Longquan Monastery

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Canadian expert Christopher Harry visited Longquan Monastery with his wife and their companions.

On August 6th, Christopher Harry, an expert in sinology and translation from Canada visited Longquan Monastery with his wife and their companions. They were received by Longquan’s resident volunteers Zhou Yan, Hao Xueqin and Xia Feifei.

During the visit, the guests watched a video called Harvey’s second visit to Longquan. Christopher expressed that he is keen on exchanging Eastern and Western cultures. He is willing to attend meetings held by the translation center of Longquan Monastery, and to share his experience with volunteers face to face and online as well. A monastery tour was taken after the meeting.

Christopher has been in China since 1992. For years, he has worked as a freelancer and provided translation, interpretation and training services for enterprises such as BMW, as well as government agencies, institutions and non-governmental groups. His wife Huang Jin is learning Buddhism in the Bodhi Academy founded by So Dargye Khenpo. Influenced by his wife, Christopher now works as a volunteer for Tsultrim Lodro and their translation group. Christopher completed a year of undergraduate study at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University, after that he pursued graduate study in Chinese language at Beijing Language University, where he received a M.A. in Chinese Linguistics and Translation in 2003.



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