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Does your busy daily life leave you looking for more fulfillment?

Join us as a volunteer!

Let’s work together to have the West meet the East, to enlighten others and enlighten ourselves.

We are a non-profit Chinese website that aims to promote traditional Chinese culture and Buddhism.

We areVoice of Longquan, under the guidance of venerable Master Xuecheng, president of the Buddhist Association of China, council member of the United Nations Association of China, head of Famen Monastery, Guanghua Monastery, Southern Shaolin Monastery and of Longquan Monastery.

http://eng.longquanzs.org/  is an entirely volunteer-run website. We introduce arts, promote mental cultivation, and teach a healthy way of living.  We devote energy to talking about nature, the role of human-beings in society and of course Buddhism, the way to enlightenment.

One problem that we face is that we are lacking English-speaking talents. We want to create a bridge between our mission and the rest of the world, so we need to make our English pages as rich as those in Chinese, or, even better.

This is a call for your participation!

Don’t worry how you can help, just wanting to help is the first step.  Simply contact us and we can discuss a position that is right for your talents and interests.

"How wonderful! All sentient beings have Buddha nature; because of delusion and attachment we could not attain it."

Voice of Longquan email: longquanen@126.com

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