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As a non-profit website for introduction and promotion of Buddhism in China as well as around the world,The Voice of Longquan(hereinafter as “VOL” or “the site”) could be read, cited or used in other ways by users undermandatory disclaimer. The disclaimer comes into effect uponpublication. The user should read it carefully beforehand. If a user chooses to use the site (including, but not limited to browse, use, reprinting, publicity, link etc), he is considered to agree to accept and abide by all of the terms stated below:

1. VOL is subject tolaws and regulations of charitable, non-profit websites operated for the general public. All users’activities relating to the site, including but not limited to, browsing, reading, using, reprinting, and disseminating, must be conductedlawfully and in good faith. Anyuse of content of this siteor materials linked from this siteis at user’sown discretion and own risk. VOL has taken all reasonable care to ensure that information published herein was accurate on the stated date of publication or last modification. VOL takes no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information, and such information shall not imply any kind of warranty to users of it.In no event shall VOL be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any content, goods, or services available on or through the site.

2. Everything published or reprinted in this website is under copyright of the original authors. Anymedia, websites, or individuals who download and/or make use of anycontent of this site must respect the copyright thereof, bypreservingthe "origin of the document" as noted and marked onthis site and assuming responsibility for upholding the copyright and other legal responsibilities. Proper citation to any material, copyrighted or otherwise, used or copied from this website is required.

3. Copyright exists in all original material published on the siteby VOL may belong to the author or to VOL depending on the circumstances of publication. Among other things, the VOL logo shall not be used without permission.

4. Informationcontained herein the site is provided  in order to promote communication and exchange ofcultures and do not imply the site’s endorsement of any ideas thereof or verification of truthfulness of thecontent. Instead, the content is provided on an "as is, with all faults" basis and may be used or relied upon solely at user’sown risk. The articles of this site only represent the opinion of the original author. They do not represent and have no relationship with the site's opinion and are the sole responsibility of the original author. If the content of this site infringeslegalrights and interests of others, the right holdermaypromptly notifyVOL, who, upon receipt of this notice, will conduct an investigation in accordance with law. If the infringement is found, the complained part will be promptly removed or revised.

5. This website is provided on an "as available" basisand VOL assumes no responsibility thereof whatsoever.

6. With regard to any problems not covered by this Disclaimer, relevant laws and regulationsshall apply. In event of any conflict between the laws regulations and the site's guidelines, the laws shall prevail.

6. Any links to external websites and/or non-VOL information provided on the site pages or returned from VOL web search engines are provided as a courtesy. They should not be construed as an endorsement by VOL of the content or views of the linked materials.

7. VOL reserves the rights to revise, update, and explain the disclaimer of the site.


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