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  • Buddhist relic venerated in Famen Temple

    Buddhists and laypeople alike from all over the world prayed for peace and promoted Buddha’s influence at Famen Temple in Baoji City, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province on Thursday, in a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the recovery of the Buddha’s finger relic.


  • The path to happiness at Famen Temple

    There's a consensus that Buddhism is a philosophy where practicing mental discipline can lead to a higher consciousness. A CGTN reporter recently talked to the monks and nuns at the Famen Temple in China's Shaanxi Province, about their quest for happiness.


  • Love makes us stronger

    Love makes us stronger, a book on volunteers at Longquan Monastery, was recently published.


  • Venerables from Plum Village Mindfulness Practice Centers visited Longquan Monastery

    A delegation of 14 Bhiksus, Bhiksunis and laypeople from Plum Village Mindfulness Practice Centers of Thailand and Hong Kong visited Longquan Monastery on October 12.


  • the 19th China-Japan-South Korea Buddhist Exchange Conference

    Ven. Master Xuecheng, President of the Buddhist Association of China, and his delegation arrived in Ningbo, a city known for the “southeastern Buddhist land,” on Oct. 11, to attend the 19th China-Japan-South Korea Buddhist Exchange Conference.


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  • Panchen Erdeni arriving in Beijing for the first time

    Panchen Erdeni paid his first visit to Beijing on Apr. 27, 1951 with his entourage. He was given warm reception by the central government during his over one-month stay in Beijing. Afterwards, he visited a few other cities including Tianji...

  • Geshe Sherab Gyatso giving Dharma talks in Guangren Monastery

    Xi’an, once the capital city for six different dynasties including the Tang Dynasty in China, resembles a vital part of Chinese culture and history. In the midst of the many Han Buddhist temples in this city, there is also a monastery for...

  • Modern Buddhism Society founded

    The magazine of Modern Buddhist Studies played a vital role in enabling and assisting both theoretical studies and practical application of Buddhism teachings. It was compiled by the Modern Buddhism Society, which was founded on Jun. 18, 1...

  • Modern Buddhism Magazine Released its First Issue

    The Modern Buddhism magazine released its first issue on Sept. 15th, 1950 in Beijing. It was the first official publication of The Buddhist Association of China (BAC) and the only national level Buddhism publication since the foundation of...

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